National Level

At the national level, SaMi follows an interlinked approach between Government implementation and national partners. 

SaMi works with national partners to undertake several activities that entails information dissemination, accessing skill training, justice, psychosocial counselling, financial literary. National partners collaborate and liaise with each other to bring results to the components of the project.  

National Partners

Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee (PNCC) - Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee (PNCC) is a nonprofit making and membership based organization formally established in 2009 by returnee migrant workers, especially from Gulf countries. The organization is working with the motto "For the Migrants, By the Migrants". Since establishment, PNCC is proactively working for education and awareness, policy advocacy, rapid rescue, access to justice and reintegration. PNCC also provides temporary shelter to male returnee migrant workers who do not have accommodation facility in Kathmandu. With this, PNCC supports the migrant workers at the destination countries through the Outreach Officer at Malaysia and Qatar.

Under SaMi Project, PNCC has been working for the rescue of the migrant workers since 2012. PNCC provides service to the migrant workers for the rescue and access justice as requested SaMi working districts and other partner organizations. More importantly, PNCC coordinates with the diplomatic agencies and national organizations for the same. PNCC has been focusing in providing wider access to justice for migrant workers and their families in cases of death of migrant workers in the destination countries, non-payment or under payment of salary, fraudulent cases, and facilitation services for claim on compensation, unfair legal penalties and allegations, regardless of their documentation status.

People Forum - People Forum for Human Right (People Forum) is lawyer's organization established for the protection of human rights and promotion of rule of law in Nepal.  Since its establishment, it has been working for free legal aid, advocacy for policy reformation, Public Interest Litigation, legal research and capacity building of law enforcement agencies and migrant workers.

In its partnership with SaMi, People Forum provides legal assistance to migrant workers and represents them at the Department of Foreign Employment and help victims of fraud get justice. People Forum is also responsible for lobbying and advocacy for migrants and has been instrumental in incorporating migrant rights in the Nepal Constitution 2072, enhancing capacity of duty bearers and right holders, enchancing coordination among justice agencies, assisted in establishing a committee for amendment of the Foreign Employment Act - 2064,  .

capacity of duty barriers and rights holders enhanced, media awareness in 18 districts , legal assistance provided to migrant workers, enhanced coordination among justice agencies, government committed for decentralized foreign employment management and established committee to make amendment on Foreign Employment Act, 2064.

Ujyaalo 90 Network - Ujyaalo Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. (UMM) has been implementing various radio and online projects since 2003. UMM has been working with more than 200 FM radio stations across Nepal and supporting them contents, technology and capacity building. UMM also runs 'Ujyaalo Online' news portal. Among several radio and online program, UMM has flagship program on migration 'Desh Paradesh' (Radio + Online). 

UMM supports SaMi partners in project districts in producing and airing upto 20 minutes weekly radio programs, which is followed by an additional 10 minute local content by SaMi partners. UMM also is mentoring and coaching radio program producers in SaMi districts to prepare the local content by providing feedback on issues, scripts and radio program production tips. It also produces Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on labour migraion issues for SaMi and broadcasts it several times throughout the day. UMM also edits and publishes online stories written by SaMi partners on Ujyaalo Online's Desh Paradesh section. 

The Centre for Mental Health and Counselling-Nepal (CMC-Nepal) - CMC-N is a national level NGO established in 2003 by group of mental health professionals with the aim to develop capable mental health and psychosocial human resources in the country so that quality mental health and psychosocial service are available for people living in remote part of the country as well. CMC-Nepal has capacity development goal in mental health and psychosocial area in the existing health service system, psychosocial support system in school, in developmental projects and for disaster survivors.

It has implemented psychosocial intervention components for SaMi since November 2013 and has been working in nine districts. The main objective of psychosocial component is to provide support to address social cost of migration through building capacity of district psychosocial counsellors for intervention in psychosocial issues for distressed families of migrant workers and returnees.

Training, field level backstopping supervision, distance coaching to psychosocial counsellors, establishing an emergency fund to refer severely distressed clients for higher level mental health and psychosocial intervention are the main activities of the component.  


Development Project Service Center (DEPROSC) Nepal is a non-profit organization that works for the economic empowerment of rural people. As partner of SaMi, DEPROSC is responsible to provide financial literacy trainings to the families left behind (members of Nepali citizens working in foreign land) in 39 districts. It has developed training manuals and other training resources for the same.

Financial Literacy component of SaMi works to support families left behind to increase savings of remittance. As per the SaMi modality of financial literacy component, participants of complete 24 sessions. After the completion of the training, participants are expected to keep monthly records of income and expenditures on the regular basis and have access to formal financial institutions to increase their savings and access financial services.  

Partners for Skills Training

SaMi has been providing skills training to potential migrant workers since 2012 in different occupations that are in high demand in the countries of destination. SaMi's curricula are designed to cater the needs of the destination employers. So far, it has trained over 13,000 migrant workers including 3,500 women in 20 different occupations. Over 62 percentage training graduates are successfully working abroad as trade helpers.


Name of TMI




Jhapa Technical Institute Pvt. Ltd.


1. Plumber
2. Masonry


Creative Skills Pvt.Ltd. 


1. Industrial Electrician


Susan poly Technical Institute Private Limited  


1. Scaffolding
2. Plumbing


Dhorpatan Technical Training Center Pvt.Ltd


1. Scaffolding
2. Plumbing


Nikhil Multi Services (P) Ltd 


1. Shuttering Carpenter
2. Plumbing


Excel Academy Of Tourism And Hotel Management Pvt.Ltd 


1. Kitchen Helper


Interscaff  Safety Training Solution Pvt. Ltd  


1. Abrasive Blasting cum Spray Painting
2. Pipe Fitter
3. Steel Fixer (Bar Bender)
4. Masonry


Oriental Hospitality & Tourism Training Center Pvt.Ltd. 


1. Kitchen Helper


Subarna Multiple Training Center Pvt. Ltd. 


1. Garment Machine Operator (Women only)


Multi Skills Pvt. Ltd. 


1. Scaffolding


National Institute of Food Studies and Operation Pvt Ltd  


1. Kitchen Helper
2. Housekeeping Cleaner (Women only)


Pokhara Valley Technical Training Institute Pvt. Ltd.


1. Steel Fixer
2. Welding
3. Industrial Electrician
4. Block Mason


Jayan Technical College of Technology Pvt. Ltd. 


1. Industrial Electrician